The Koy Awards, is a photography contest, entirely online, and exclusively dedicated to professional photographers.

They were created with the aim of promoting not only our brand but also photography at a professional level, intending to give relevance and due importance to professionals in the area, recognizing their work and the quality of it.

You can submit your images until April 16, 2022 with the winners announced on April 30 at the Koy Konnecting Event.


Koy Lab presents its first event, Koy Konnecting, to be held on the 29 and 30 of April 2022 at its facilities in Braga.

This event has as its main objective the optimization of the business, and is intended solely and exclusively for professional photographers.

The event will be under the theme “Business Tailoring”, having as one of the main focuses the Importance of Planning and Organization of your business, with classes of Koy Lab ambassadors, as well as other guest speakers.